Bourbon Roasted Pecan Cake Tar

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Bourbon Roasted Pecans Simmering Cake Tart by Candleberry The quaint aroma of sugared pecans, mingled with a fire-roasted Kentucky Bourbon flavor. It's a piece of cake! Candleberry Simmering Cake Tarts are traditional wax melts with a contemporary spin, offering a highly concentrated fragrance in the shape of a mini cake. Fragrances from the Candleberry Company reflect family traditions and memories that so many of us share: special recipes, scents that filled our homes during the holidays, reflections, emotions, all are so much more than just a fragrance. Simmering Cake Tarts are sold individually in a custom Candleberry box that contains 8 slices per cake. Each box contains 4.5oz of wax. Burn Time: 12-30 hours

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