Farm Sequencing Storytelling

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Place the pictures in four wooden barns to solve the sequence puzzle! There are two wooden sequence boards (so multiple kids can play at once), plus 40 picture cards to sort and sequence within them. Kids simply find a group of four pictures that belong together, then order them in the numbered barns. With 10 lively storylines, there are plenty of narratives to explore! The cardboard picture cards fit easily into the recessed barn doors to tell one of 10 simple farm stories, such as milking the cow, building the scarecrow, or harvesting apples for a homemade pie. When the sequence is complete, kids can look at the simple number key to check their own answers! All the pieces are sweetly illustrated with bright colors and lively details, so there's plenty to spot, question, and discuss even when the sequence is complete. Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn: •With a sequence complete on the board, ask the child to tell you a story about the sequence. Encourage the child to include setting details such as time and place, and to use imagination to add to the story. •Lay out all the cards face up, then name a feeling, color, or time of day, and ask the child to collect cards to match your theme. •Offer a supply of 10 beads or coins, then ask the child to sort them into the numbered barns, placing the correct quantity to match each numeral. (For an added challenge, begin by placing an incorrect quantity in each well, then ask the child to add or subtract to correct the quantities.) •Using a magazine or printed-out pictures, ask the child to cut out pictures to represent each of the numbers and place them in the board. For instance, a picture of one car might go in barn #1; a picture of two puppies might go in barn #2, and so on. •Ask the child to trace once of the pieces on plain paper then cut out the shape, repeating the process several times. Ask the child to look at one of the sequences complete on the board, then to draw a picture that might come before the first piece or after the last piece, and place it in the sequence. Then ask the child to use more paper pieces to make a whole new sequence. Dimensions: 8.25" x 15.5" x 1" Packaged

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